Providing assistance in times of need.


This site will provide local resources and assistance during times of crisis and need. This site is currently under development. (Enter name of your local city or town and “womens shelters” in google search for local assistance near you.) If you or any member of your family are at risk of physical harm, dial 911 for immediate assistance.


Womens Shelters are a place of safety and refuge.


The sisterhood provides strength and resolve. Everyone’s story is different. Everyone’s story is the same.

Alberta,Canada Resources

“Empowerment centers on the belief that women and children can break the cycle of domestic violence through supportive intervention because they possess the ability to make decisions that foster healthy, violence-free relationships.”

The Soujourner Center


Information and some helpful resources may be available at DomesticShelters.org.

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WomensShelters.org is dedicated to assisting women and children in their time of need. Violence will never be tolerated.

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